Roundwood Shooting

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shooting do you do?
Clay pigeon shooting (English sporting and FITASC).

I don't know one end of a gun from the other. Can a complete beginner learn at Roundwood?
Yes, absolutely. We can provide instruction and guidance for all levels. We also offer tuition courses for those keen to learn in which if you pay for 5 lessons you get the 6th free!

Broken clays

How old do you have to be to shoot?
There is no legal age limit.

Do I need a gun / licence to shoot?
No. We will provide all the equipment you need free of charge (though you can of course use your own gun if you want to). No licence is needed if you are under instruction.

How much does it all cost?
All our prices are very competitive. For a quote for your particular requirements please phone.

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